Lying at the root of JODDB, our values represent a foundation outlining the principles of how and what we do by guiding our strategic decisions and activities; internally and externally.

  • Competence and Competitiveness.
We are considered to be a reliable partner who thinks that client value is of the highest priority to efficiently provide smart and advanced solutions with responsibility for taking ownership and accountability for our work. Through beneficial cooperation for advancement, serving with integrity and respect, we value our dedication to our clients, partners and each other. We are challengers who welcome ongoing change to boost rather than sustain.


  • Cooperation and participation
Cooperation has been one of the key values that the organization undertakes to base all its interactions. Team spirit attitude and cheerful cooperation are a valued step towards fostering happiness and stimulating trust in our mission. Our desire is have a long-lasting positive influence over the global defense industry. To this end, we have been working cooperate with institutions and universities in which we have done with pleasure and pride and will continue to assist as we can.

  • Creativity and innovation
In an ever-evolving industry, we are driven to redefine the level of excellence in what we do. In order to further strengthen our culture of innovation and become a great source of inspiration, we are constantly open to new conventional ideas and respect knowledge, skills and capabilities.

  • Excellence
Our heritage and commitment to excellence is represented in the quality of our products and services. We are passionate about our mission and are determined to achieve it through creativity and continuous improvement, striving to find the best and most efficient solutions to meet the demands of our clients. Excellence is not just a value, it is a discipline.

  • Integrity
We build trust, honesty and consistency-based relationships as we strive to do what is right and deliver on that. We set the tone as a role model in discipline and alignment for the industry in the region. We are committed to and resiliently adhere to our high standards.

  • Justice and equal opportunities
By providing opportunities and encouraging employees, we believe in inherent worth and the essentiality of value creation, determination and dedication to the growth of the organization. We have the highest ethical values and tend to personally focus on our employees and clients.

  • Learning
We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients through attentive support and focusing on their needs and requirements by skillfully evaluating their issues and challenges using science and logic to reach solutions in order to generate precise and thorough end-results. Curiosity sparks learning in the pursuit of growth and development.

  • Productivity
We believe being professional means being loyal and committed to our employees, clients and partners’ interests. We take pride in our achievements as we have the skillful expertise and ability to deliver high quality results. We are vulnerable to changes in the industry and provide impartial, comprehensive, timely solutions to constantly seek to enhance our efficiency.

  • Self-sufficiency
We are focused on national self-interest in the main defense categories to cover all elements of homeland security from weapons to research and development in all modern aspects of technology and strive to alter our position in the global defense economy through developments and initiatives to achieve rapid self- sufficiency.

  • Sincerity
For the attainment of efficient solutions, we encourage clarity and open communication and function accordingly. We break down the walls of uncertainty, build honest and trust-based relationships and establish win-win partnerships under a foundation of great teamwork.

  • Team work
At JODDB, teamwork is recognized by all employees working together towards the common goal of our mission and vision. Successful teamwork is a balance between our employees’ skills and expertise and our clients’ needs. We are a close, synergetic, cohesive team that believes cooperation is essential to accomplishments and excellence.